Support for Writers

Need feedback on a piece of writing or support to develop your writing career?

Help with motivation or to build your confidence?

My critique and mentoring services can help you achieve your writing goals.

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It can be useful to get professional advice on your writing, especially if you want to enter a competition or submit to a publisher. I specialise in writing flash fiction and short stories and have knowledge and experience of various markets including women’s magazine fiction and literary magazines.

I’ll read your story and provide advice and suggest amendments using track changes. I’ll also give you a written report which will look at your piece as a whole, highlighting strengths and ways you might improve it. And, if required, I’ll provide advice about where and how you might submit your story for publication. Included in the fee is the option to discuss my feedback on Zoom for up to one hour. My prices are:

Short stories (1001-4000 words): £50

Flash Fiction (up to three stories of no more than 3000 words total): £60

First chapter + synopsis (up to 4000 words): £50

For more information and/or a quote please contact me.


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I can work with you to help you focus and stay motivated. Or provide professional advice on how to make progress on a particular project.

Mentoring can take place over a set period of time or on a one off basis by telephone, Zoom or face to face – whatever suits you best.

I typically charge £20 an hour for this service.

For more information and/or a quote please contact me.


Looking for a creative writing tutor? I work with groups too and can tailor workshops and courses to meet your requirements. Find out more about my courses and workshops here.

“Enlightened, encouraging and always grammatically accurate; Amanda’s wise words and professionalism sharpened the focus of my creative writing and raised standards to the next level.”

Critique client


“Amanda is a great mentor. The perfect combination of encouragement and technical critique that will make your writing shine.”

Mentoring client


“Feedback from Amanda on my flash fiction and short stories has helped me develop my writing in several ways. She’s helped me to identify what’s worked well and provided ideas on how to improve the form, balance and focus of the work as well as suggesting further resources; including literary theory or relevant short story and flash fiction writers.”

Critique client